Ex Aqua

Ex Aqua – of water – refers to the Latin expression “ex aequo”, which means “au pair”, without defeats or winners, as natural balance would like. The human being does not govern nature, he is an interlocking part of it and as such it he must consider himself and nature. The project intends to underline … Continue reading Ex Aqua


The interactive A/V installation H3RTZ is based on the modulation of frequency in the brain electrical activity and how such variations relates to the electrical manifestation of changes of state of our brain activity. The installation examines above all the Beta and Gamma waves using a Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI), in the form of a … Continue reading h3rtz

algor rythm

The idea is to recreate an environment that is halfway between the digital and the natural, which gives back the peace and the stillness of contemplation that a natural landscape arouses in eachone and, at the same time, emphasizes the desire of interaction with it, without prevaricate its balance and vitality. What is manifest is … Continue reading algor rythm

echo chambers

Echo Chambers are virtual rooms in which the illusion of a “related multitude” is infinitely real. The installation intends to investigate the real nature of social media, which we suppose to be equal and democratic instruments of interchange and sharing, indeed they have turned out to be gigantic mirrors palaces in which each seeks and … Continue reading echo chambers